Licensing Stock Photos

Please contact me at 520-326-3266 or regarding the availability and use of my stock photography. Kindly download a PDF of my Stock Photo List, which provides a brief two-page overview of my stock photo collection. Use fees are negotiable and I will gladly provide a fee quote based on the use of the image. My images are widely published and examples of published images are posted at Tearsheets on this website.

Prior to the digital revolution, I worked with 35mm, medium and large format cameras. I typically provide high quality digital files of my film images. I presently photograph with a Nikon D2X and archive images as RAW dng files.



My photo work is published in the following: Magazines, including Arizona Highways, Astronomy, Audubon, Geo Magazine, Geotimes, Geological Society of America, Natural History, Esquire, New York Times; and Book Publishers, including Arizona Highways, Britannica, W. H Freeman, West, McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Saunders, Sierra Club, Time-Life, Wiley, Oxford Press.

Other photo work includes: calendars, greeting cards, posters, museum displays, advertising, TV media, newspapers, interior design, multimedia shows, and instructional slide sets for Understanding Earth, a geosciences college textbook published by W. H. Freeman. Below are two examples of my images published as covers for books.